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Save The Daintree

You can help us conserve Australia’s largest remaining stand of tropical rainforest, a refuge for unique plants and animals dating back 140 million years.

What makes the Daintree so unique and why do we want to save it?

The Daintree coast is famous for its landscape of striking diversity from vine forests growing on coastal dunes to stands of rare trees surviving on sheltered creek banks.

Animals and plants found here have evolved together in such intricate ways they need each other in order to survive. Rainforest plants need animals to pollinate them and spread their seeds. Rainforest animals need the plants for food and shelter.

Our rainforest achieved World Heritage listing as one of the most significant forests on earth. Considered by many as the cradle of creation of most life on earth, they may hold the secret to our continued survival on this planet. rainforest research is already yielding new drugs and pharmaceuticals.

But with increasing human and environmental pressures, the rainforest can no longer look after itself.

The Australian Rainforest Foundation aims to buy up privately owned land in the Daintree rainforest to protect it from development. This will create wildlife corridors for the many species of animals, protect ancient plants and give us a chance to rehabilitate damaged soils and protect creek banks from erosion and leeching.

How can you help?

Adopt a Square
You can help save the rainforest by adopting as many square metres of endangered rainforest as you like for just $1 per square metre!

Sponsor A Rainforest Block
Sponsor your own block of rainforest through a tax deductible donation. Land of a similar value to the donation is then acquired by the ARF and held in the Foundation’s revolving land bank as a Nature Refuge in the donor’s name.

Rainforest Guardian
Make a significant impact on saving our tropical rainforests by owning and protecting critical habitat. Rainforest Guardians are private citizens and corporations acting directly to save endangered plants and animals.

A donation of money, or property is great way of helping the Foundation achieve its goals. Donations are tax deductible.

You can help the Foundation continue with the important work of saving the rainforest, simply by including the Australian Rainforest Foundation in your will.

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