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The Cassowary - How You Can Help The Cassowary

Help us raise funds

We need to secure cassowary habitat now - replant cassowary fruit trees and create safe cassowary corridors. 

Your contribution will provide funds for:

  • Buying cassowary habitat

  • Revegetating key corridors

  • Establishing pest free sanctuaries for research and possible breeding

Feral pigs - just one of the threats
the cassowary faces

How You Can Help

All contributions are tax deductible (in Australia and the USA)

If you live in or visit cassowary habitat, please follow this advice:

  • Never feed cassowaries
    It is illegal and dangerous, especially on the side of the road where they might get hit by passing cars. 

  • Let cassowaries find their own food
    If you feed them, they could come to depend on you, their health will suffer and they may starve when you go away or move elsewhere. When cassowaries become used to people, they are far more likely to be killed by cars and dogs. It is also possible that they then may become aggressive to other people.

  • Plant native cassowary food plants
    If you have a rural property why not protect and replant native vegetation on your property, especially in gullies and alongside creeks, as natural feeding grounds and corridors for cassowaries.

  • Discard of your food scraps carefully
    Always dispose of food scraps in closed bins and ensure compost bins have secure lids. Never leave food, fish scraps or bait at campsites or picnic area’s in cassowary habitat (not even in bins - please take scraps home).

  • Never approach cassowaries
    Cassowaries easily feel threatened. They are very protective and will defend their chicks. Never come between a male and his offspring.

  • Keep domestic pets under control
    If you are in a cassowary habitat area keep dogs behind fences or on a leash and cats inside.

  • Be careful when driving
    Slow down to avoid hitting animals, but don’t stop to watch them.

What to do when you see a cassowary:

  • If you are driving and see a cassowary on the road...
    Slow down and carefully drive around it, do not get out of your car. Hand signal only to alert oncoming traffic.

  • If you encounter a cassowary in the wild...
    Do not run and do not turn your back on the cassowary. Facing it hold a rucksack or other item in front of your body and back away calmly and slowly. Try to get behind a tree if possible.

To report an injured cassowary:

  • EPA officer on duty: 0402 276 752
  • EPA hotline: 1300 130 372
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